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maximizing capacity, optimizing yield

CARGO MIND is an a.i. software solution that plans for optimal cargo space utilisation in seconds, while adhering to regulations and business constraints.

real-time capacity optimization

get deeper insight into the utilization of your flight capacity

see how CARGO MIND is used within an integrated system for digital cargo handling
at dnata Singapore

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customers & commercial trials

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use cases in air freight logistics

capacity quoting

accurate 3D space calculations for every booking request during the sales process


optimize your pricing and improve the speed & quality of your answers to your customers

flight planning

optimize the yield on your flights with maximized capacity utilization

plan entire flight in seconds while calculating optimal 3D position of each cargo & ensuring what you sell is really what can be loaded on the flight

ULD planning

maximize capacity by choosing the right mix of shipments to load a ULD

ensure dispatch of shipments in the best possible way within the limited capacity


Cargo Ship
Moving Truck
primary features
Cargo Ship
Moving Truck
maximize utilization

best possible fitting plan for the available cargo volume

ULD stability

plans ensure lighter cargo is loaded on top of heavy cargo while maintaining the COG of the ULD within allowable limits

regulatory features
Cargo Ship
Moving Truck
DG segregation

plans are fully compliant to IATA regulations for dangerous goods 

pharma & perishable segregation

plans are configurable for segregation of goods based on special handling codes

customer-specific features
Cargo Ship
Moving Truck
priority allotment

allotment of cargo based on a priority system to ensure the most important cargo always gets loaded

express handling 

allotment of last minute time critical shipments or cargo from priority customers


use cases beyond air freight

sea freight

optimizing loading for shipping containers

Cargo Shipping Containers

optimizing loading for trucking loads & containers

Truck and Warehouse

optimizing utilization of warehouse space

Warehouse Shelves

quality build-up using CARGO MIND + ASSEMBLE

visual instructions for executing build-up of plans generated by CARGO MIND


ASSEMBLE is a CARGO MIND plug-in, which auto-generates build-up instructions for each planned ULD.


Instructions provide workers with visual guide and necessary information for easy retrieval and placement of cargo.

+ assemble

step by step visual instructions in a digital workflow

enables manual build-up of high density pallets digitally planned using CARGO MIND 

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